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I am a high school U.S. history, world history, geography, economics, government teacher. I also facilitate ancient history, art history, and world history online classes. I teach at a county public alternative school for students who violate zero tolerance polices or have continual behavior issues. I started teaching in 2010 after serving in the military for 21 years.

I received my B.A. in history/education in 2010, focusing on early American history. I am a member of the following organizations:

- Phi Kappa Phi (oldest national honor society for all academic disciplines)
- Phi Alpha Theta (national honor society for history students)
- National Forensic League (speech and debate honor society)
- Disabled American Veterans (DAV)

I am also a retired disabled Army veteran (1985 - 2006). I served as an intelligence analyst, country analyst, counter-drug analyst, counterinsurgency analyst, paramilitary analyst, and counter-terrorism analyst, among various other duties. I am also a German & Arabic linguist. I am a Southwest Asia veteran.
Favorite Quotes:

"Sic Parvis Magna" ~ Heraldic motto of Sir Francis Drake (1540 - 1596)

"De gustibus non est disputandum" ~Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Brothers Karamazov, 1880


Personal log entry (stardate) 2015.11.25, Tennessee quadrant of the North American star cluster.
Had a dream last night. In my dream I told another teacher something like this:

There are three kinds of teachers in this world:

The uncompromising, unyielding teacher who never smiles, who believes behavior and academic performance are somehow related & that students should be able to compartmentalize (like an adult) home, social, and academic lives, and sets students up for failure, does not forgive mistakes and holds grudges against students; who bullies students but disguises it as someone who has extremely high standards; who believes parents should not question their methods & is nothing more than a support system for the school.
There's the teacher who has boundaries and allows students to be active within those boundaries; who believes students can achieve much if set up for success; who understands behavior and academic performance are separate issues and should be handled differently, who knows that (just like himself) home, social, and academic lives merge often throughout the day and often affect one another; who wants to know the whole student because they know that by knowing the whole student they can better tailor instruction and engage the student and they want the student to know they matter; who forgives failure and mistakes and each day is new with new possibilities; who fights for and champions the causes of his students when required even against the school and the school district; who takes responsibility for the failures of the students and passes successes on to the students without claiming them for himself, who understands that students belong to their parents and are not his, that they are simply loaned to him for a time.
Then there's the teacher who has no boundaries, who believes they are a friend of the students; who permits students to do whatever they want; who does not hold students accountable for their actions; who do not maintain high standards for behavior, who is more interested in what students did the night before than what they're doing in class.
And in my dream, I told the other teacher, that I always want to be the second type of teacher. 
So what am I thankful for? Many things, but I am very thankful to God that He placed me in a job where I have a purpose, where I can let students know they matter who haven't always felt like they matter. Where I work with other teachers who have the same goals and objectives. It's tough seeing the brokenness of so many students everyday, but they inspire you and encourage you. Then you see them start to come out of their shell and realize school is not such a bad place and then the clouds part and they smile. And it's as if the sun has come out. Yesterday, as I went about my day, I wondered how many of them would be having Thanksgiving dinner and how many of them would be in situations where there was nothing but fighting and a desire to not be there on their part. It saddened me.
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I wrote it with great hesitation. I don't always like talking about things from my time in the military as much of what I did was (I hate to say this) classified. So it makes it difficult to talk around.

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